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Whitney's passion for the art of wine blossomed during her stay in the Bay area, where she spent leisurely afternoons exploring the lush vineyards of Napa and Sonoma Valley. Her love for wine only grew stronger upon visiting a wine bar in southern Texas, where she was struck by the absence of establishments in the Dallas area that offered a vibrant yet serene ambiance. Fueled by this realization, Whitney and Aairika set out to create their own wine bar, with a vision to support minority-owned wine brands in their new business venture. Their dream was to not only offer an exceptional wine experience, but to also uplift and champion underrepresented voices in the industry.



Aairika's entrepreneurial spirit was ignited during her teenage years, and has
flourished over the years through her ownership of a successful Dallas-based
spa. Her appreciation for the finer things in life, particularly in the realm of
gastronomy, has led her to develop a sophisticated palate for wine. As Aairika
and Whitney celebrated the joys of trying new wines and savoring exquisite
cuisine during their meetups, they recognized the absence of a cultured, social
and relaxing wine bar in Dallas. Motivated by their passion for both wine and
community, they set out to create Simply Unwine - a haven for the discerning
wine enthusiast.

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